Equaide - It's All About Healing

Its All About Healing

Safe and effective.

Equaide won't burn, blister, slough or scar, and there are no white hairs.  The Equaide solution is in a water base, not alcohol.

Our unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue. Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds.

Equaide was also formulated so that the solution won't run or drip off of wounds and can even be used without bandaging (though bandaging is encouraged). Equaide also prevents flies and other bateria carrying insects from contacting the wound, a necessity in the barn environment.

We are confident that Equaide is the best solution for the treatment of Proud Flesh and wounds available today. Please review a few of the cases that our customers have generously let us share with you; our wonderful customers and veterinarians tell the story the best. Please also visit our Facebook page where there are many more testimonials, pictures and great information that the community shares. We are sure that you will agree results from Equaide are truly amazing.